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 Rules and Current World Storyline

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PostSubject: Rules and Current World Storyline   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:11 am

Welcome Message

Welcome to Tazzerat, a world where magic and preternatural abilities are abundant, filled with all manner of beasts and man. For now, the known world is rather small, as well as its history. This is to create an opportunity for the players to build the world, shaping it with their actions, impacting the story. Hopefully, this results in an enjoyable rp experience for all. The systems are still being worked out, but the intention is to not have too much structure that it affects the actual story-building, while preventing OP characters, abilities, etc. The forum will mostly be PVE, but PVP is allowed if all parties are willing.

To start RPing, create a character. You can create your own race, class, country of origin (or build on an existing one), Deity to worship, and profession. Besides the country of origin, each unique thing created gives perks to the character. These will be subject to review to ensure balance and may require downsides if too strong. Currently, there is no way to quantify how many perks or how strong is too strong. We rely on the members to use common sense and encourage community votes if balance is at question.

Current Storyline

The first chapter of Tazzerat has the players starting in the Kingdom of Argellon at F-tier. Argellon is a unique land, on the surface it is comparable to the standard Holy Medieval Kingdom with the King and the Church vying for power, as well as the nobles. However, internal war is forbidden, instead disputes are resolved in a tournament that takes place every two years. Since this practice began 200 years ago, it has been corrupted by the elite aristocrats, merchants, priests, and guilds. To fight in the tournament you must have a sponsor backing you. As such, the sponsors get a portion of the renown and gold you earn. Another unique aspect of Argellon is that Renown is as valuable, if not more valuable, than gold. To catch the eye of the best Guilds or Sponsors, you will need to earn as much renown as you can.

The players will begin with no renown and should have some motivating factor to enter the tournament, which will take place in a year-and-a-half (In-game). To do so, they must find a sponsor in the Western Region of Argellon. Close to the ocean, the Western region is focused on commerce and trade, resulting in it being the wealthiest and the second most populated region. Many of the Guild’s headquarters can be found here as well. With the player’s lack of renown, it will be difficult to secure a sponsor...

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PostSubject: Re: Rules and Current World Storyline   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:25 am



The two methods of dealing damage in combat is through the use of Abilities or Basic Attacks. Abilities require stamina or mana to be expended in order to use them, while basic attacks are free to use. Abilities will always trump basic attacks in a direct clash, except in certain instances with indirect clashing.

When two actions interact with each other, they clash with each other, either directly or indirectly. Direct clashing is when the two actions logically result in one or both being damaged or destroyed. Indirect clashing is when the two actions interact in a way that would logically not result in one or both being damaged or destroyed. In a direct clash, equal tier attacks will end in a stalemate, while a difference in one tier results in the weaker attack being destroyed, but reducing the effectiveness of the stronger attack by half.


Varies based on type of magic (Kimeer/natural, Wizard/learned, Priest/holy)

  • Kimeer: natural affinity for a single element, limited to only that element, half cost casting
  • Wizard: learned, limited to 2-3 elements, full cost casting
  • Priest: gained through favor and dedication to a single Deity, powered via Faith
  • Relics/Items: limited to spells tied to the item


Deity perks based on dedication to religion. Perks should relate to the Diety’s Realm (i.e. God of War grants increased base damage, Goddess of Water grants ability to hold breath longer in water, etc)


Indicator of level of influence to the world: Political, Guilds, World-shaping


Determines abilities
Start with a single class, gain 2nd and third class at higher tiers
Can train a secondary class beyond first if willing to sacrifice the tier of primary class


Social or craft-based
Can have small perks that can affect class (blacksmith can determine weakness in other weapons, making it easier to break a weapon… beast tamer allows for an extra ability or eventually an extra pet in bat)


Single pet with limited abilities can assist in battle
Can be trained up as character levels, must train IC
May be able to carry things/be used as a mount (?)
Followers are purchased with renown


When training your abilities or rank ups for classes and professions, there is no word count. However, as this is a more story-focused RP site, a reasonable amount of character development is expected. Don't expect to rank a character's class up after they reach the required XP without some training or understanding being reached in prior threads. (For example, a B-tier character reaches a plateau in their training. For whatever reason, they come across an opponent of higher or equal tier and during the course of their fight, the character nearly dies and has an epiphany about their magic, fighting style, etc. After winning the battle, the character returns to their training and perfects what they learned, achieving the right to be called a Master in their craft.)

Specific to abilities, they may be learned on-the-fly. Once they are created, they should be added to your character thread in a separate post (for easier reading).

Stamina/Mana Pools

Stamina is used for physical abilities, such as a sword strike, a sniped shot, bare-knuckle punches, etc.

Mana is used for magic and other supernatural abilities, such as a fireball, shape-shifting into a beaver, screaming real loud and changing your hair color, etc. Mana can also go by other names, to fit the theme of your class better: Qi, Spirit, Energy, etc. The same mechanic applies, regardless of name.

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Character sheet
Stamina: 2,000
Mana: 2,000
Race: God

PostSubject: Re: Rules and Current World Storyline   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:33 am

Character Rank:
SSS - Demi-God(dess) - 40,000 XP
SS - Transcended Being - 25,000 XP
S - Master - 15,000 XP
A - Proficient - 10,000 XP
B - Advanced - 6,000 XP
C - Mid-Boss - 3,000 XP
D - Skilled - 1,000 XP
F - Trained

Ability Rank Guidelines:
Note: Each tier is ability rank is two times stronger than the previous. For example, two C-tier attacks deals B-tier damage, as do four D-tier attacks.
SSS Class - City-destroyers - Abilities temporarily manipulate the laws of the world.
SS Class - Village-destroyers - Abilities are well-rooted within the laws of the world.
S Class - Party-Killer attacks - Abilities touch upon the laws of the world.
A Class - Lethal attacks, advanced magical attacks
B Class - Bone breaking, cuts through bone, complex moderate magical effects
C Class - Muscle bruising, Light bone cracking, cuts through muscle, moderate magical effects
D Class - Muscle bruising, cuts into muscle, basic magical effects
F Class - Deep bruising to skin, cuts slice through skin, minor magical effects

Stamina/Mana Pool Points, Ability Cost, Quest Rewards

All players start with a base of 10 points they can put into either their stamina pool and/or mana pool. After ranking up their character, they get additional points in which they can place into either pool. (A F-tier character may have a split 5|5 stam|mana or any other combination).
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PostSubject: Re: Rules and Current World Storyline   

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Rules and Current World Storyline
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