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 Tome of Races and Classes

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PostSubject: Tome of Races and Classes   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:45 am

(This list will be updated as races are created)


  • ½ mana cost for spells
  • Limited to only 1 element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). Unless specialization is magic-based, any magic-based effects will be limited to F-tier.
  • Human-Animal hybrids, born with a natural affinity to a single element, closely tied to nature, nomadic, travels in small tribes of 5-50 headed by a leader (referred to as the Alpha)
  • “Home” region is found on an island offshore, a nexus of elements, small number remain to manage Kimeer affairs, Alphas make a yearly pilgrimage to report on tribal affairs
    Council of Grand Alphas makes decision regarding altering nomadic paths based on security worries and resource issues
  • Not well-known race, most believe them to be mythical, rarely seen in large areas
  • All manner of combinations based on location (sea, land, mountains, etc)
  • Natural traits vary based on animal counterpart (canine tend to be more aggressive and travel in larger packs, feline tends to be sneakier and travel in smaller packs, avian have higher evasion/dexterity, etc)


  • Unable to cast magic directly, as they do not have the innate ability to “store” magical energy.
  • Channels soul energy and natural occurring magical energy into inanimate objects to serve as a battery.
  • A magically-created race, based off humans, by the ancient wizards of Nionevras. The Dorei were engineered to be subservient to their wizard overlords, serving as slaves. To prevent rebellion, they were designed without the internal magical battery that most races are born with.


  • When a job is completed as a team, treat the job as one tier higher than it actually is when determining bonus XP for the entire team.

Sealed Demon
  • Resistant to dark elemental abilities (Abilities that utilize dark elemental magic are reduced by 1 Tier).
  • Under normal circumstances, a Sealed Demon appears like a human without access to any demonic powers. However, if the seal fades, the user can temporarily transform into an Unsealed form.

    • Unsealed Form - At the cost of stamina/man, the user's appearance changes to resemble that of their true demonic form. The user's physical attacks/abilities increase by one tier and they are also able to resist physical damage, reducing a physical attack/ability to be one tier less effective. If the user has wings, they can fly at the user's character tier ability speed. The duration of the transformation depends on the stamina/mana spent on the transformation. After the transformation, the user is exhausted and is unable to use any abilities for a number of posts afterwards depending on the stamina/mana expended on the transformation.

      • SSS: 125 points and 5 post weakness.
      • SS: 95 points and 4 post weakness.
      • S: 70 points and 4 post weakness.
      • A: 50 points and 3 post weakness.
      • B: 16 points and 3 post weakness.
      • C: 12 points and 2 post weakness.
      • D: 8 points and 2 post weakness.
      • F: 4 points and 1 post weakness.

  • Weakness to light elemental abilities (Abilities that utilize light elemental magic are increased by 1 tier).  

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Posts : 9
Join date : 2017-04-07

Character sheet
Stamina: 2,000
Mana: 2,000
Race: God

PostSubject: Re: Tome of Races and Classes   Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:13 am

(This list will be updated as classes are added.


Class: Rogue
Description: A rogue uses their cunning and wits to get the upperhand in any situation.

  • Preferred Weapon(s): Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Bow
  • Stealth: Utilizes stealth to neutralize foes silently.
  • Speed: Focuses on speed to maneuver around enemies to avoid damage.
  • Sleight of Hand: Skilled at pickpocket and picking locks.

Draconic Rune Knight

Class: Draconic Rune Knight
Description: A Draconic Rune Knight makes use of both magic and weapons in combat, and is capable of drawing complex magic runes outside of combat. At each rank of power, a Draconic Rune Knight is capable of choosing to research into another of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) or the ability to incorporate one of the elements they already know into another element for more complex spells.

Most magic cast by Draconic Rune Knights in battle are buffing spells, providing their weapons with either an elemental enhancement or increasing one of their own physical or mental parameters. Some other magic can be cast during combat, such as a ball of fire, a blade of wind, an eruption of stone or a stream of water, however the scale of the magic requires an equally large magic rune to create, and the complexity of the magic requires an equally large amount of time to create the magic rune. This limits the spells available to Draconic Rune Knights during combat.

Outside of combat is where their magic shines; they are capable of using their magic runes to create barriers or cause large scale commotions, and even set up long-range teleportation portals so long as they know the destination.


  • Preferred Weapon(s): A Draconic Rune Knight's weapons are divided into two categories: Mortal Weapons and Draconic Natural Weapons. Not all Knights of the order have access to Draconic Natural Weapons.

    • Natural Weapons can include claws, tail, or breath weapons. Natural weapons are capable of regenerating with either healing spells or after a week passes. Natural weapons are also capable of channeling any enchanted elemental attack as a ranged attack. Learning the use of such a weapon requires the complete focus of the knight, not allowing them time to train their other weapons to a higher degree.
    • Mortal weapons that a Knight of this Order are trained in are Swords, Spears, Axes and Bows. A Knight's proficiency begins at the lowest rank, capping the rank of technique they can use when equipped with that weapon. A Knight's rank-up allows for continual expansion of a weapon's proficiency; D, B, S and SSS ranks allows for the Knight to choose 2 of their weapons to rank up their proficiency. C, A and SS only allows the Knight to rank up 1 of their weapon's proficiency.

  • Dragon Blood Refinement Ritual: As part of the path to become a Draconic Rune Knight, novices go through the Dragon Blood Refinement Ritual. With a series of magical runes, a pool of pure dragon blood and elders leading the ritual a novice's body is magically affected.

    This ritual increases the body's longevity by imparting Draconic Vitality into the body, though does not pause or slow the aging process (the elderly will still look old, just that they live longer). Furthermore an Initiate of the order of Draconic Rune Knights manifest an atavism of the dragon race and use their magic to power benefits from it. If the manifestation creates a natural weapon, some Draconic Rune Knights forgo the use of man-made weapons and instead learn the intricate uses of these newly-acquired weapons.

  • Access to Magic: Draconic Rune Knights have access to Earth, Air, Fire and Water elemental magics. These magics can only be performed via the use of rune circles, which are drawn and powered by the magic power of the Knight. Knights of this Order are capable of casting 2 types of spells with their runes; Internal Spells and External Spells. Internal Spells are magics that provides support, giving a weapons an elemental enhancement or increasing a physical or mental parameters for either themselves or an ally. External Spells are spells that affect the world around the Knight. The former are almost instantaneous in casting speed, however the latter takes additional time to cast. With even the most simple of External spells taking 3 seconds to cast and appear, each rank of complexity increases the time by an additional second. Aside from the initial 1 foot area, cubed or diameter, and 3 foot range each additional foot increase requires another second on top of that.

    A Draconic Rune Knight begins with one magic type, and at each additional rank a Draconic Rune Knight may either choose another magic type to learn or choose to learn how to incorporate an element they already know into another element they know.

  • Formation Magic: Using the magic elements they know, Draconic Rune Knights are capable of setting barrier or expulsion formations around areas. These formations are expensive, with materials for one core point, sub-core point or foundation point being equal to a job of the same rank. Each area of the formation that is interlinked increases the effectiveness of the overall formation by an additive amount. Formations are created with a 'core', which can be a moving object or a stationary object and must have a rank at least equal to the highest rank of any foundation point of the formation. The core point is what powers the formation as a whole, and may have additional sub-core points that help power the core. Formations are expanded upon by creating additional 'foundation points' which have an area of effect that must overlap with another foundation point's area of effect in order for both to function. The area of effect's size is dependent on the rank of the foundation point, with a base of 3 feet radius and may increase by up to 5 feet per rank.

    So long as one is within a formation, simply destroying the magical runes that create the point is enough to break a foundation point. If a portion of the formation is cut off from the core, perhaps due to a foundation point being destroyed and interrupting the overlapping link, that portion of the formation is deactivated. A sub-core's only function is to provide magic energy to the core, and does not assist in the direct maintenance of the formation itself.

    All formations require magic to power them, and have a durability limitation to their usage. The durability is equal to the rank of foundation point, with each higher rank of the foundation point being an extra use for that foundation point. The burden on a formation can never exceed the strength of its usage, meaning a single D-Rank attack blocked by a formation will not reduce 8 D-Rank foundation point's durability, instead only reducing the durability of 1 of the foundation points. This burden is managed by the person powering the core point of the formation, who chooses the corresponding foundation point that handles this burden. Magic power drainage is equal to the rank of the highest foundation point activated during use (ex.: if a formation has many F-rank and C-rank foundation points, but only the F-rank points are used, it only costs the equivalent of the F-rank spell). Defensive formations are easier to power, with every four foundation points in a formation costs the same amount of magic as one spell of the same rank. Any attacking formation requires the same cost for each foundation point equal to a spell of that rank.

    The nature of the formation's effects are dependent on the magic type used in the creation of the formation. Only a formation that combines Earth and Air magic is capable of teleportation and requires S rank or higher materials to create.

Flame Dancer (Pyromancer)

Class: Flame Dancer (Pyromancer)
Description: Attuned to the element of fire, one is able to manipulate and control fire in a variety of forms

  • Preferred Weapon(s): Magic, Daggers
  • Flameproof: As a result of her affinity for the element, Angelis is immune to her own flames and takes reduces damaged from fires produced in other manners
  • Heated Aura: Angelis can produce a fiery aura, capable of dealing very minor damage to those touching her, just enough to give the offending party a warning to remain at a distance.
  • Cauterize: Angelis is able to cauterize bleeding wounds, stopping the bleeding and granting enough time to bandage the wounds.
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Tome of Races and Classes
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