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 Chapter Zero: Humble Beginnings

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PostSubject: Chapter Zero: Humble Beginnings    Mon May 01, 2017 4:06 am

Dawnstar. Approaching the city, one would first notice the grandiose obsidian wall, towering over the landscape as it encircled the border. Built many years ago by a wealthy aristocrat, Don L Frump, it still attracted many tourists to the city each year. Not only a tourist trap, Dawnstar catered to the elite warriors of Argellon, the various guild halls boasting the finest training and equipment for its members. It was rare to find such services anywhere else in the country, short of the Capital.

The only entrance into Dawnstar was by a pair of massive pearl-white gates on the north face of the wall. Beyond the gates, one simply had to follow along the main road to find what one needed. Eager merchants descended on visitors as they entered the gate, seemingly able to distinguish a local from an outsider with a cursory glance, shouting out prices as they attempted to sell their goods. If one ignored the merchants, they would notice several taverns in the immediate area, ideal locations for information. Further along the main road, there were shops with high quality wares displayed in the windows. At the city square, a crossroads would separate the local’s housing from the government buildings and guild halls. The most popular guilds, the Warrior, Ranger and Mage guilds, overlooked the bustling city square, sure to catch someone’s eye.

While the streets were normally crowded, the morning sun heralded the start of the Festival of the Sapphire Moon, a celebration of the Goddess’ Selene, the region’s most worshiped deity. To call them packed now was an understatement as it seemed nearly everyone in the city headed towards the temple for the morning rituals. During this time, a few individuals were about to have a chance encounter with fate, the ripples of which would in time shape the world...

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Chapter Zero: Humble Beginnings
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